Solihull Heart Support Group
Exercise Classes
updated 12/09/2017
Exercise Class


The Group has run exercise classes for members who are either heart patients and former heart patients since 1997.

These are intended to be a natural follow-on from the rehabilitation sessions run at local hospitals, and other heart patients such as angina sufferers are also welcome to attend. The classes form phase 4 in the National Cardiac Rehabilitation programme.

The classes have proved so successful that seven separate classes are now run on a weekly basis.

Classes are only open to members of Solihull Heart Support Group and their partner/carers (subject to availability of places).

See new SHSG Exercise Class poster>> (Adobe pdf file)

Class Details

Our seven classes operate in four different venues.  All new members begin in an Assessment Class on Monday afternoon (w.e.f. 31/10/11).  Most exercisers come to us from the Solihull Hospital Rehabilitation Programme following a “Heart Procedure”, however membership is available to all suitable “Heart Patients” ( see below).

As such it is incumbent upon us to ensure that we learn as much as possible, at first hand, about our prospective “clients”.  It will be appreciated that the level of exercising capacity, following what can sometimes be a difficult time, can produce a widely different level of ability.

We have found that a period of assessment, in the longer term, helps both the Heart Support Group and the recovering patient.

This initial approach by our instructors – trained to the level required by the British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation – enables them to use this class to ascertain what members can or cannot achieve in the exercise sessions and set programmes accordingly.

Our other classes run morning and afternoon on Monday / Tuesday and Thursday in a variety of venues in Solihull: Shelly Farm Community Centre, West Warks. Sports Club, United Reform Church, and Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.  Each class follows a similar pattern with individuals working to some extent at their own pace.

Members are transferred into these classes as and when they are ready to move on.  We do our best to find spaces which most suit the members concerned, however this is not always possible.

Before joining the exercise classes it is essential that where a “Heart Procedure” has been carried out, the Certificate for completing the Rehabilitation programme at the hospital must be available – or where that programme has not been used a Doctors letter agreeing to participation in our exercise classes must be sought.

N.B.  the exercise sessions which we provide are not for competitive purposes but are to develop a level of general fitness and wellbeing which will hopefully help to prevent a repeat of what has gone before.

In addition to this we hold a Tai Chi for Health session at a hall at Christ Church Solihull on a Monday afternoon.

Classes are only open to members of Solihull Heart Support Group and their partner/carer so it is a precondition that anyone wishing to take part must first be a member of our group.

Class Fees

Excercise Level Cost per session (wef 2017)
Assessment/Beginners Classes  £4.00 The sessions must be paid for by season ticket - in advance. A season ticket covers an 8-week period. There are no refunds for non attendance.
Higher Levels  £4.00 The sessions must be paid for by season ticket - in advance. A season ticket covers a 3-month period. There are no refunds for non attendance.